I hope I'm in the right forum 1st of all and thanks to all of you.
Since this morning when I have turned on my PC it boots as normal and then gets stuck on the 1st page (before windows would open) Mercury with the website address,(which I'm guessing is the make?)
After this page comes up for a second it usually loads the Windows page prompting me to choose my operating system (windows XP or windows98) then I start up Windows as usual.
This prompt doesn't happen. It's like frozen on the Mercury page, then I have to unplug the hard from the wall to turn it off. It's just frozen dead on that page.
It's happened a few times today and is just weird. I'm scared to turn off my PC in case it happens again.
I'm not that tecnical as you can see so I hope my explanation makes sense and any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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your MBR might be corrupted, if you use windows xp more than 98 then you could maybe fix mbr im sure you just insert your xp disk at startup, enter recovery mode by pressing R and then entering your admin password, then fix mbr


you download the disk and put it on the floppy, thenin the bios boot from floppy and fix the mbr then
i have the same porblem with linux its buggering my pc slowly but i dont have the xp disk to fix it

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