Alright, so admittedly I don't know much. But, my mother's computer has been having an issue shutting down. She's running Vista Home Basic, Intel Dual Core processor (It's a pentium dual core... I can't remember any other details other than that), 2gb's ram.

Anyway, the problem is that when she goes to shut down, it does the little shut down screen, it fades out and the monitor shuts off as normal (the power button blinks... for others it'll turn yellow... understand that whatever the monitor's doing is normal). However, the computer itself doesn't actually turn off.

Now, she thinks it's because she plugged in a new keyboard and mouse. It's actually old... something we've had for 3 or 4 years. But it's a wireless keyboard (Logitech LX500). The aforementioned event (the shut down problem) started happening after the keyboard was plugged in and working. So, I of course told her to try it with just an old Serial mouse (which she was using before). And it's still doing it.

The only way to turn it off completely is to hold the power button. Now, I don't know if this is a big deal or not... but I figure it's really unimportant since the windows logoff screen fades to black anyway. It kind of indicated to me that Vista had shut off.

Anyone know possible solutions or, at least, know if waiting for it to fade and then holding the power button is fine? If anything, at least we know it's not causing in problems other than having to sit for a few more seconds waiting for the screen to fade out.


Did you go to start and then cilck on the power icon or did you go to start > shutdown and select shut down?

What colour is the power icon? If it is yellow then it is set to go to sleep instead of turn off.

Let us know and if it is set to sleep and I or someone else can tell you how to change it to shutdown.

My laptop does the same thing but if you wait a minute you will hear the fan shutdown and see the light go off.

See if yours is doing the same.

I'm actually clicking shut down, not sleep or hibernate.

And the system doesn't completely shut down. Like I said, the windows log off screen fades and the hardware stays on, with the exception of the monitor. The computer stayed on all night, which is how we learned about it in the first place.

Try this,

Open command prompt and type shutdown -s and press enter.

This should shutdown the computer.

Let us know if it does the same as before.