Hi all, my first post so hopefully this forum will help me solve my problem. I recently acquired DISK MANAGER 2009 Pro to take care of my disk operation management as well as full system back ups etc...
I want to back up to an external drive (H) Once in the program navigation, I can access all disk and partition info without any probs. I select the full disk backup option and the wizard appears. Select my options and ENTER. So here is the problem, the program seems to hang from here on in. The 'Time Elapsed' remains at zero. Nothing happens! I need to then quit the program with CTrl Alt Del and i can then exit via the task manager. (Dialog box 'not responding' also appears) . What to do! I dont think its a program error. I get the feeling its something screwed in my system (register maybe?) settings. Why do i say this? Because I've tried another Backup manager (Genie) and have exactly the same behaviour. Wierd. Any ideas on how i can troubleshoot this.
Much appreciated and thanks in advance.

Sony Vaio VGN FS315M laptop
1G ram
XP Home
80 Gb HDD
Pentium M 740 1.73 Ghz
yeah i know, its starting to date!

Hmmm! A lot of the time sony, toshiba, nec etc.. come with a back utility allready packed!

If that is the case then ensure that it has been removed properly, you may very well be right and there is a software conflict going on especially since it's the second program to go bung.

Also check the sharing properties on the drive, it's an outside chance that the backup isn't happening because the program can't get permission due to a sharing violation.

Hope it helps, good luck!