All of my drives do not open when i double click them This msg appears on opening it

"This operation has been cancelled due to restictions in effect on this computer .Please contact your system administrator"

I cant access the registry editor also and there is no file named "autorun.inf" in any of the files.


check for autorun.inf file and delete will work


You should try a registry Repair tool.

Are you on a network or local machine. This is a policy you can inforce to keep people from accessing it. If you didn't put it on there yourself then it was put on there by an administrator OR it's very possible a type of virus/malware did this. You will have to edit a registry key to fix the issue. I'm not sure registry repair tools will fix this problem though, they might. poledit.exe on older machines worked wonders for this but i'm not sure there's a similar tool on newer os's. You also should be able to access the registry just fine in Safe Mode (f8 on startup/safe mode). There's also the possibility that your permissions have been removed from the drive. Try this (assuming vista):

Right click on "My Computer"
Select "Manage"
Open "Removable Storage"
Expand "Libraries"
Select your external drive
Right click and choose "Properties"
Open "Security" tab
Click "Add" to add yourself to have control over the drive.

If you can't access the registry, it's probably something that's been put on your machine that you need to clean off before this will even get fixed. Run some good cleaners, honestly I'm not sure of the good free ones out right now but i'm sure there's 100's of posts you can search through for cleaning spyware/malware/virus's free.

You dont say but is this a personal computer?

Well if it is and you cant access the registry nor any drives.. it sound like you may have picked up a nasty somewhere.. download a reputable AV or there are a few good online ones like kaspersky and bit defender, give your pc a good scan to see if you picked up anything.

If its a work pc, you might have to contact a admin to see why you dont have privileges.

P.S. Its not really wise to mess around with the registry unless you REALLY know what your doing. I use Ccleaner to fix mine but I always back it up first, that way if something gets screwy I have the back-up.