Hi everybody

I have a problem with 3cmlink.
I work under windows 98, when i'm on the net, suddenly my screen is freezed, I make "ctrl+alt+del" to see if there is any "not responding", i always see, 2 times 3cmlink, if i close one of them, i can work but not on internet, i mean, my screen is not freezed anymore, but, even if i leave it or close one or close both, i can never contunue working and i should restart my computer, coz if i disconnect the connection will close but the port is still opened.

PLEASE can somebody help me!!!!!??????? :cry: :cry: :cry:
Thank you very much

do you have the install disk with the drivers for your modem .
have you tried unistall and reinstall your modem .winmodems are a little finicky

Is this a 3com network card or 3com modem...?

What are you running for firewall, spyware, adware...

What browser are you using...

Have you checked to see if the 3com is sharing an interrupt with another device...

Have you updated the drivers recently.. Not just reloaded the ones that came with the card?

By the description i figure its a winmodem, as he says that the port is still open when he tries to reconnect.

What i suggest is remove that winmodem in device manager, get latest drivers and if available a firmware upgrade. Install the new drivers then update the firmware if available and see if that makes a change.

Could also try another PCI slot to see if there is a problem with IRQ assignment