This is going to sound silly but i am really struggling to delete my internet history and search history. As others use my pc i do not want people to know what i have been searching for but it automatically comes on the drop down menu when the type a letter that i did to search (if that makes any sense?) Basically i need to set on my computer so no one can see anything i have searched for or sites i have visited, can anyone help me please???

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In the browser. Tools.....internet options.....general.....hit the button that says delete. Has a button for both. No such thing as a sill queston. Its how we learn. Feel free to ask anything. Have a nice day P.S. I believe there is a free program that will do this for you as well. Not sure what it is. :p

also if you are using IE 6 ,when in Internet option go to advanced ,and scroll down to browsing and check off to delete temp internet files when you close IE.
Also when in there go to Content /auto complete ,and check off what you don't want to have happen !!

Thank you, i have loads of problems with this computer i really wish i never had it. Dont get me wrong i love having a pc but this one has give me nothing but agro. And because i couldnt afford to get Nortons antivirus i caught a bloody virus and i dont think my pc has ever been the same again. Oh well, thanks again for being so nice the last person was rather rude. x ;)

Thank you another nice person. I dont have IE 6 but thank you anyway. ;)

You don't need to be able to afford anti virus. There are at least 2 free ones I know of that are nice. Avast. Avg. Both free. Computers can be frustrating at times. I suggest learn about them. That is what forums are for. In the same thread you can ask allot of different questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Its how we learn. There is allot of good people here that will help you with allot of useful information. Just a thought. Have a nice day.

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