I need help getting my activex to work, it won't come on and my computer says it is turned on! I can't check my youtube messages or my gmail messages. And Windows Live OneCare won't even start up! And if I use system restore to go back to an earlier date I will get a windows installer error poppig up all the time once i restart my computer fer the system restore. SO if any1 can help me I would appreciate it!!!

You could try checking for updates of active x, if there are, download and try again, if none, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it again.

Check under Internet Options in IE, Security tab, to see your settings for ActiveX controls. [press the Custom Level button]. You should enable the downloading and use of signed ones.

I've got it to where i can check my email and look at my youtube messages but for some reason on this computer only when I look at a youtube message it won't be marked as read and I can't delete any messages on this computer. But on any other computer my messages will be marked as read.