I am in school right now doing an assignment for my computer repair/networking class. I need to network my computer to another students computer and I curently have windows 98 installed on it. I don't know why but my computer isn't recognizing my CD-Rom drive and when I try to install the driver it wants me to put the windows 98 CD in. This is a problem becuase it wont recognize the drive. I also have a device conflict with my networking card that also requires the windows 98 CD. My cd drive is attapi.

If anyone has any information that I could use for this situation it would be very helpfull, thanks.

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You may have a drive going bad or a conflict (IRQ) on the IDE interface.

A quick fix might be...

Boot to a floppy with cd drivers...

md win98
copy c:\win98\*.* c:\win98\*.*

Then boot into 98.
When it asks for the cd just point to that folder on the hard drive.
I do the same for 98 installs just to not have to go find the cd...

If your CD Rom is dead then nothing is gonna work until you replace it...

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