I have several programs that will not uninstall and they are just taking up space. They all say that the uninstall file is missing. Any thoughts?

try to reget the uninstall file >.>

I did. Nothing. It is still on the add/remove programs. I tried to just remove it.. still, nothing

what build of windows are you using?

If you are trying to get rid of the program name in the add/remove programs section of control panel and the program has already been removed, you will need to get into the registry to delete that key. Not a simple task, but can be done. (Very dangerous...You go first.) From "raiders of the lost ark".
If this is not the case, and you are trying to uninstall the program, and it won't thru A/R prog, see if there is an un-installer in the program folder.
If not you can delete the folder "manually" but you'll need to get in the registry to "clean up" the leftovers.

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