I have a computer with win xp home sp2, that locks up during startup in random locations. It does the same thing if you try to go it into safe mode. After approx 4 restarts it boots and runs fine, until I shut it down for the night. Thanks, Goose

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Is this computer overclocked?

I would possibly try the failsafe settings in CMOS...

If you have multiple ram chips or mismatched ram chips I would remove one or the other..

Just a couple ideas... not much to go on at this point


No its not overclocked, and I tested the ram. I'll try reseting the bios.


Have you tried to uninstall sp2 to see if that will fix the problem? Also May I suggest a start up manager to see what is starting up when your computer does to see if that could be an issue. http://www.windowsstartup.com/ is a nice one. Hit the consult button and see what shows up. Its a free program. The only thing with my computer even when I try to disable a start up with this program the program still loads. I have to use another start up manager. You may have better luck with it. Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

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