Hey guys,

I used to keep getting a screen of death error in XP and I got a new PSU (advice of novatech) and it seemed to have done the trick. However I was installing SP2 for Vista and on the restart to do Step 3 I got a blue screen error:


Shut down unexpectedly

11/06/2009 03:15

Solution Available

Problem signature
Problem Event Name:	BlueScreen
OS Version:	6.0.6001.
Locale ID:	2057

Files that help describe the problem (some files may no longer be available)

Extra information about the problem
BCCode:	d1
BCP1:	2DE871CC
BCP2:	00000002
BCP3:	00000000
BCP4:	A43D50CD
OS Version:	6_0_6001
Service Pack:	1_0
Product:	768_1
Server information:	d6669ae8-064f-45e4-a60a-9e516a90845c

ALTHOUGH Vista did say it has provided a solution, it hasn't. Actually what it did was try accusing me of stealing Vista or something claiming it wasn't genuine. Anyway, I tried maybe twice to get it to boot again but kept getting blue screens. I booted in safe mode and did a restore, but this did nothing and got the blue screen error again.

So I restored my BOS settings and it booted up fine. I'm starting to think this maybe a MOBO issue. I mean I haven't changed much in the BIOS as it is. I think I changed the boot disk priority, but thats it.

If the blue screen happens again I'm going to clear my CMOS.

Before then, do you guys have any suggestions?

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Try updating your bios firmware, there should be instructions & a download at the site of your Mobo manufacturers site. Sometimes bios firmware updates fix bugs or similar although usually they upgrade to accomodate new hardware it is worth a try.

Also just to note, although it can be pretty rare it does happen where you get a new PSU & it is fine but then shortly after it starts showing signs of being defected & you return with the old problem. You think it's unlikely? It is but it happened to me a few years ago with my comp getting BSOD & losing power for a second (long enough to shut down), replaced PSU, fine for awhile but then it started happening again, so replaced the PSU again (thankfully were able to get money back & all) been fine ever since even though it's now an aged comp.


Thanks for the reply, I think the issue is resolved now (not sure how though). It seems to have fixed itself :P, maybe the PSU felt the same way as me about installing Vista updates. :D

Thanks for your input, will make sure my provider knows it did it once though just so they know.

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