I need some help choosing backup software for the server at my work. Until now we've had a third party operate our backup, but they've been causing so many problems for us, we're going to start doing it ourselves. We have a desktop that we've been using 80gig magnetic tapes to put the daily backup on, but I'm looking for software that can schedule automatic backups on a daily basis.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it!


I apologize for the previous response, I forgot which forum I was in. Are you looking to do online/offline backups?

Recently the lowered price of hard disks have allowed online backups to become the new 'popular' way to do backups, and there are a lot of software packages that can do automated online backups. When it comes to doing 'Offline' backups (aka. Tape drives), there is a much smaller selection of backup utilities available.

what kind of server are you backing up, what kind of files, how large and how often?