i have a new vista cd and i installed it on my desktop every thing when fine and i put in the key for activation but each time it try to activate ti will come up with this error code 0 x 8007232B saying DNS SERVER NOT FOUND

It means you are not connected to the internet, the internet isnt configured properley, or your firewall is blocking it.

You should be able to activate by Phone (i think you can do it by SMS text too). You can do this in XP. Dont know about vista.

0x8007232B = DNS name does not exist.

Follow steps at KB931276.

Give phone activation a shot. And make sure your internet connection is working- what firewall are you using?

Post back with results!

All the best,

--The Comodore

This happened to my friend once with vista, and the only thing that worked was activating via phone, and he found out that it was a "false" license key, and they gave him a new one and for him, it works like a charm. Give phone activation a try, and it may take a while, but it will work, assuming u have a legal copy of vista.

good luck!!!

yeah the ms people are silly though, they wouldnt activate office for my 3rd pc even although the EULA for student & teacher says upto 3pcs for the students use is fine