i've got winXP pro ....lately i started gettin this error whenever i try to open any windows application(my computer/control panel/IE etc..):

Micrsoft VisualC++ runtime library.
Buffer overrun detected!
Program :E:/windows/explorer.exe....
A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programs internal state.The program cannnot continue its execution safely and must be terminated.

One thing i noted is that whenever i disable my LAN connection(i've got cable net) things kinda get better....means it atleast doesnt show this error....but says.......YOu are notr currently connected to internet blah blah .....

Work offline Try again
it gives the above message even when i try to open control panel.
but the application starts.

so everytime i need 2 browse i hav 2 first disable the LAN open as many IEs and then enable the LAN and use those already opened IEs.

please help
- sandeep.

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Sorry for the double post, but I just got a chance to respond to this.

Check your system for spyware. See the "Helping Yourself" topic in the Security forum section for advice, and post back if you have remaining problems after working through the syggestions there. It's quite likely that you have some system corruption from unwanted intruders as well, and a refresh install might be needed to address that:


well i reinstalled the win but no use ...same prob persists...and ya i said earlier that that things get better when i disable my LAN ,...but actually they get better when i logout of my account....also tell me how 2 format the drive containing Wiin XP???!!!!
- sandeep

run your burner at a higher speed

run your burner at a higher speed

You're thinking of a buffer underrun, I think. That's a completely different topic.

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