I have 2 PCs running XP Pro, but do not have Windows install disks for either any longer.

A Kernell32.dll error turned my production machine into a zombie - I can start it up, but (even in Safe mode) it restarts before Windows is running.

I removed the drive and set it to slave and can access the data fine via my Admin PC. How can I do a registry fix on this slave drive??

First take a look at this article from Microsoft:

Since you have the drive already slaved and this article talks about using the recovery console (which I'm assuming you do not have since you don't have a OS disk) I will try to walk you through another way. First create a c:\windows\tmp directory. This will be used to hold some needed files. As the article says you need to show hidden and system protected folders. Once this is done, go to d: (assuming this is the name of your slave drive) d:\windows\system32\config and find files System, Software, Sam, Security, and Default. Once you find these, copy each file and rename the file as (eg.) system.bak and software.bak. Once all of the files have backups created, navigate to your d:\system volume information and locate a snapshot directory (this is where your restore points are located). You can activate the details list to note the date of last modification. Find one that you feel comfortable with thinking of when the system was working properly and follow below:

# From the Snapshot folder, copy the following files to the C:\Windows\Tmp folder:


# Rename the files in the C:\Windows\Tmp folder as follows:

You should now be able to copy these back to the d:\windows\system32\config directory and hook up your drive as normal. This should boot using the registry the way it was on the date of the snapshot directory you used for the files. You will want to replace the existing files in your d:\windows\system32\config directory as you have already made backups named .bak.

Hope this helps a little!!