The moment I thought that Windows update's going to keep my system running smooth, I made my decision to run Windows update.

The problem is when I found out that some of windows updates have failed, i let it off, since there was not much space......believe it or ate about 7 Gigs of system space.

So, can the update be undone by:
1) system restore
2) safe mode uninstallation of updates....
if 1) and 2) can be done, does it release all of my hard drive space?

3) complete wipe out..........

Note that I have two operating sysems.....
Vista and Fedora.
If I have to wipe out Vista, it also makes fedora inaccessible because bootloader will be gone. So, I have to install Vista without disturbing Fedora, if I have to go to the third option.

A - make the move to Win7.... a damned sight lighter on resources.

B - disk space is being chewed up by the restore points and shadow copies (which are a lot more extensive than in XP).

Would recomend firstly performing restore to point prior to failed updates (likely cause of failure was simply not sufficient disc space) and then use the "Disk Cleanup" utility (go to StartMenu, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools), go to the "more options" tab, and clear the older shadow copies.

I remember the first time I ran on my Wife's Vista PC, cleared over 60BG of disc space (this was after having installed all her apps, each install creating a new restore point). The shadow copies is actually a very useful feature, but it does need to be tamed from time to time :)