im new to forums and asking for help. but heres my problem. after putting my computer successfully in standby, when it returns from standby, the pc starts up (hear the fans start running) but the monitor wont return from standby (orange light stays on)

its happened after installing a new graphics card and running a second monitor

can any one help?

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yes, its since i installed the graphics card that it doesnt work. like its not giving out the signal to the screens to turn on after returning from standby


one of three things can happen.

1. driver is out of date
2. monitor is not plugged into the graphic card right
3. graphic card is screwed up and you need a new one

i had problem number 3, except when i turned on my computer, the monitor stayed with the yellow light.

i got a new graphic card and everything worked fine. but for me, that happened with the motherboard graphic card, but worked normal with the other one. i used NVIDIA, i like it


i have tried updating the drivers

its a brand new geforce 6200tc card. it works fine the rest of the time, when i turn on the pc and in gaming and anything else. its only when i put the computer into standby mode and then try resuming that i get the problem. also the wireless keyboard isnt working when i resume from standby either (no lights on IR reciever)

thanks for your help so far!



sorry to say this but the gforce 6 series were never good and always had problems. upgrading to the 7 series might fix your problem, but they're a little pricy.


you can try to reset the connection to your wireless keyboard, and with your monitor, just dont put the computer in stand-by mode. just hibernate it.


so its probably just the graphics cards fault that i have these problems. i tried putting it in hibernate and it took about 10 minutes to resume windows after turning back on. is this normal?

i am running dual monitors and another thing ive noticed with the graphics card is that when i run a full screen application in one screen the other screen goes half black and is unusable? any reason for this?

thanks again for your help

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