Does anyone know how to get a Hitachi Deskstar 160 Gig HD to recognize more that 32.8 Gigs. Is there 3rd party software that will allow this? Or does anyone know which jumper setting I have to remove?


You have to make sure the Cap Limit jumper is off.
How old is the pc you are trying to use it on?

you might need a bios update

The pc is approx 5-6 years old. But the funniest thing is it was running with a 80 Gig C: drive and then had a 160 Gig partitioned in to 2 - 80 Gig partitions. The 80 Gig HD crashed and was replaced. After replacement I noticed that all the data and partitions were also gone from the 160 gig HD. When trying to access it in Windows Exploreror Disk Management it is telling me it is not formatted and is only showing 32.8 Gigs. I checked in the BIOS and LBA is selected for the drive and it is only showing 32.8 Gigs there too.

The jumpers were not changed since the crash so I have no idea how to use the full capacity of the drive again..

You need to follow DimaYasny's advice and update your bios then.

What motherboard do you have, I can have a look at available bios updates for you.

Motherboard is a Microstar MS 6547.

PS. I have never updated a BIOS before. What is involved in doing that?


Disk Management it is telling me it is not formatted and is only showing 32.8 Gigs

board should be new enough to see it as a 160gig .the above says to me that you need to try and delete partition ,create a new partition and format the disk !

Thanks everyone. Problem solved. There was a cap limit jumper in place on the drive. Removed the jumper. Downloaded feature tools software from hitachi and problem solved.

Thanks again