two files with names like these won't let me delete them, how can i go about doing it?


they were left behind in a file i used for backing up stuff

boot up into safe mode and delete them that way. Hit F5 or F8 when the pc boots up and choose safe mode.

thanks alot, appreciate the help. out of curiousity how does that allow me to delete them?

Safe mode will boot up your computer with only the bare minimum loaded. So if the files cannot be deleted because they are in use in normal mode then safe mode might allow you to delete them since they might not be in use in safe mode.

thanks for pointing that out. have a good week.

Cbusen ,slash49er
the above replys will only work if the files are in use and therefor canot be deleted if the files are marked read only then that can also cause you not beeing able to delete it in what case you need to co to the files in the command prompt and use the attrib command to make it read only again. in the command prompt if they where in the c drive for instance your command will look like this c:/attrib -r -a -s -h c:/"filename"
to make it easier to work with rename the file first to something easy before you use attrib
let us know
if you are not sure about attrib use attrib /?

fear not, they are gone. i was just asking a follow up question so i could learn a little more, ya know, something i could apply to any future problems.

hey not a bad tool pitty its for only 15 days