Hello, a couple of weeks ago I asked how to remove Kazaa. You very kindly sent me to a website where I could do this. Firstly though, I had to install Lspfix. When I try to, I get box with some words down the left column and under a column on the right headed ' Remove' it is blank. I haven't a clue what to do about this.
I believe I have to download this Lspfix first so I don't lose my intenet connection when I download Kazaabegone.
Can anyone advise please?

As far as I know, Kazaa is an illegal software and you could get arrested if someone find you using it.. So I would suggest you to just get rid off kazaa.. It's just my opinion and it is up to you what you are going to do next. Also, as I said before, I am not sure about it. If it is not true, please correct me. :)

As I said, I never wanted kazaa in the first place. My young grandson downloaded it on he advice of his pal. Thank you for tellingme to get rid of. Actually, the reason for my post was advice on how to get rid of it. So if you can tell me how, I would be most grateful. It just won't go.