OK... new problem. I got the last one fixed.

This is weird. When the setup starts, I put in the key code, I let it run and do its thing. When it starts to install things like the Network componets and then a few more things (it stops on the DTC(don't remember what tha tstands for) .. the screen goes black, it goes back to the statistics screen (the black screen that shows what your processor, ect.) and then reboots all over and never finished the installation.

Any ideas?


Did you do an update from 9x or ME, or is this a fresh install? Did you look at your components in the computer, and make sure that they are on Micro$oft's list of supported hardware?

It sounds to me that there is some driver conflict that is causing the reboot. Without the key in place, I do not think that you are going to be able to get into a safemode-like environment and work with it from there to check logs or things like that.

Let us know.


While it reboots itself, remove the Win2k install cd and see what happens next.
Does it attempt to recover the install?

Also I would go along with Sc0arf, take a look at the Microsoft HCL site and select your OS (i would select the download text file it's quicker):-


HCL - (Hardware Compatibility List)

I am upgrading from 98 --> 2K
I took a look at the list and the motherboard and the HD manufacturer and the drive are there.

It is just a matter of the HD and the MB working together.

In my opinion I prefer to do fresh installs instead of an upgrade, it gives you a cleaner build.

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That is what Have been doing. Sorry if it came out the wrong way.

I would remove any extra stuff that you do not need in your system. Anything that is connected to any of your PCI slots, Such as sound cards… You can get away with just your video card installed. I would also remove any extra hard drives and floppy drives installed. Try installing Win2000 this way. Then you can add all your hardware back to your system when the install is complete.

Hey BlueDos!
I do not entirely agree with JR85023, you should atleast, before you remove the drivers, download the win2k drivers for your hardware. After that you may remove the drivers for win98. And some extra advice: Defragment your Harddrive(s), your HD(s) needs to get everything in a row. It'll go a lot faster as well. And about that driver conflict theory.. I guess you know that the BIOS is accessed differently in Win2k, the BIOS acts as the gateway to hardware. Win98 still accesses it in a direct sort of way, while win2k goes through layers of processing, for stability. So removing the drivers in win98 is recommendable.

Still did not get if fixed, but thanx for the help.