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I'm running Wins XP with SP 3 on a 64 bit AMD machine. Out of the blue the desktop icons will not stay put (but do not disappear). At the same time I noticed this was occurring, the Quick Launch bar stopped appearing at start up requiring me to open it whenever I want it.

I have tried several "fixes" for the Quick Launch I found on the net (incl DANIWEB) from the 2005/2005 time frame, and none help.

Anything of a later vintage floating around?


Have you tried restoring your system to previous day?

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It happened sometime before I realized it. It's my laptop which I use mostly just for traveling, and I don't know if it happened a day or a months before I realized it. All this was weeks ago now. I guess I could try restoring anyway, but I've installed several app updates - will apps revert back to prior versions?

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