I have a Dell Laptop M1330, all of sudden the wifi stopped working, so ran all kind of aniviruses, cleaned 5 viruses, good, now I can´t connect via wifi, but can connect via Lan; so I figured that after deleting those viruse, I was left with corrupted files. I uninstalled the wireless adapter completely, reboot windows and it reinstalled back again. This is my problem and strangest thing is happening. I cannot see any wireless connection available, eventhough windows is the wifi administrator by default. now, here where it gets better, so I go to control panel/network connection/wireless connection/properties and then do a manually connection to my router and guess what, it connects, but it won´t show which connection I´m connected, it shows blank, but then I hover over the mouse on my wifi icon on the taskbar and it shows I´m connected to my wifi router. could some help me, I know it´s kind of long but it´s the only way to explain my situation. Thanks in advance for any help given.

Thanks for the help people, thanks to me, the Genius that I am, I fixed it myself, that´s why my friends call me Mike Power.. Solved it on my own. Man Am I good or what.