Does anyone still have the Super-Fast User Switcher PowerToy? I've been trying to find it, but Microsoft took it away, so I was wondering if someone might have saved it and can give it to me:cheesy:

Solution: and download "PowerToys for XP" (scroll down)

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Wow! I'm loving all these PowerToys! By the way, anyone having problems with the animation of the Screen Manager thing, just right click on MSVDM and uncheck "Use Animations" plus most people will want to uncheck "Shared Desktops" but, you can make shortcuts to the Preview screen and the different desktops by right clicking and saying "Configure Shortcut Keys" I chose
Preview: Ctrl + Shift + 0
1st Screen: Ctrl + Shift + 1
2nd Screen: Ctrl + Shift + 2
3rd Screen: Ctrl + Shift + 3
4th Screen: Ctrl + Shift + 4

Have fun and enjoy!

Are these powertoys compatible with Windows XP x64 edition?

I think so, I'm not 100% sure though!

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