I recently purchased Norton System Works 2005 (I previously ran with 2002). I uninstalled GoBack awhile ago, because it would not let me just update it. When I try to install the new GoBack from the CD, it keeps telling me that it cannot create the GOBACKIO.BIN. I have tried using the web support, but the service person keeps emailing me useless information, or tells me to do things I have already tried. And I can't afford to pay the fee the phone service charges on top of what I already paid for the program.

So I am here to ask one of you very kind people who donate your time what I can try to get this thing installed.

I have defraged my system. I close down all obvious programs. (I have run AdAware and Spybot, so I don't think I have any of those type of programs running in the back.)

What should I do?

Thank you for your time,

you don't say how you are trying to install goback from the cd ,but i will just say what i think needs to be done ,sorry if you already tried this ,insert the norton disk ,click on install norton utilites ,select custome install and uncheck everything except goback and then click install ,if that doesn't work and you don't mind install all of nortons utilities ,just do the full install and it will overwrite what you already have installed and add goback or at least it should !!!good luck