i have a 22 page business plan on my computer (right now im on a different computer.) my comp suddenly shut down and i cant load windows. when i turn on the computer it goes to a black screen with 5 options; restart windows normally, safe mode with command promt, safe mode with networking, safe mode, and restart windows with last known configuration that worked. i have to have this business plan completed and printed out by tommarow and i dont have the nerves or time to deal with the guys on the phone.

please please help me guys.


p.s. i dont have the original disc that loads windows.

choose this one from the list .
restart windows with last known configuration that worked!
if that doesn't work try safe mode with networking and if that works email yourself the 22 page plan for backup .
you don't want to reload windows ,that way you will lose all info on it now !
you mostlikely will need to get the orignal disk so you can do a repair install .
If all that failes ,you should get another harddrive to get the info off the one you have now ,if its still on the drive .

sigh....thanks for your reply. i have tried every option and it wont load, and as i said this report is due tommarow, so i guess i have to retype it all tonight. is there ANY way to get my computer working...

thx for ur help

try removing the electrical plug from the back of the computerand then holde the power button in for 45 seconds or so .then plug it back in and reboot to see what happens .what were you doing when it shut down .do it make any effort to start any beep code noises !!??

Hey, exactly the same problem. It gives me the same options but then just restarts whilst on the window xp scrolling loading screen. Please someone? I really need help.
P.s i do have the X.p disk, but using the repair option doesnt work.
thank you so much to anyone who helps.

The only way to retrieve not only your work files but anything else you have in in windows explorer, is to physically remove your hard drive and set it up on another PC as a secondary master storage hard drive. Most BIOS types will do this automatically. Then just copy the files from your old HDD to the primary system HDD. Make sure the Bios recognises the new drive. Turn on the PC, open my computer and your old drive will be called, new volume or local disk E:, F: etc, open this drive, open 'Documents and Settings", open the folder with your Login name on, then open 'My Documents' and copy to the local disk C:. Do not copy them into C;'s 'My Documents' as folders such as my music etc ( even if they have been renamed Freds Music) as Freds music will be replaced by you my music folder. Just Create a new folder on C: and save in this. Can't help with your lost Windows CD sorry, but they are only about £180 !!!! for a new one. Hope this helps, Eamonn.

Try upgraded option from you CD