Dell Inspirion 6000 Laptop - Windows XP.

The Laptop has had a working wireless with the same router, with the same WEP key, for a good long time without any changes. At some unknown date it stop working. It connects the the router, gets an IP address from the Router. But after that there is no more communication between the laptop and the router over the wireless connection.

I cannot ping the router from the wireless card. Yet I've gotten an IP address from it. Yet if I release the IP address, and then try to renew it, I do not get an IP address.

I have confirmed that the WEP key has not changed, and I have even gone so far as totally removing encryption all together. And yet to no help.

I have tried numerous possible solutions, on the internet, looking for possible bad windows updates, resesting winsock, even doing an entire reinstall on the computer, yet the Wireless internet is not working.

The Laptop when wired works fine, their is also two other laptops, another Windows XP and a Unbuntu Laptop that connect and function properly on the wireless network without fault.

I've entirely run out of ideas, other than suspecting it could be a hardware problem. The Router itself, while showing no real faults is an old Dlink DI-524 and it has the latest firmware for it I can find V 1.23

If anyone has any information or things I may have missed in checking, please ask.

u tried checking your device manager if your wireless device is working properly? i supposed you're using the on-chip device which comes with the laptop..but try to use a usb wi-fi whether you can connect or this way you can check whethere it's your hardware or other problem..

You may also want to update your wireless drivers to the latest versions as per the dell website.

Dell for that Laptop did not have any drivers, it being an intell device, I search and found drivers for it, it says it updated but their was no change in my abilty to connect. If I can get my hands on a usb device, I can try that, but right now I do not own one.

Dell have many drivers for the inspiration 6000. Go over tho this webpage of dell,

there you select your type (laptop) then the name (inspiration) then the model number (6000)

this wil take you to the next page where you select your OS (XP)

then the driver page will open, listing all the drivers for your pc. Scroll down to the Network heading, there should be 10 drivers you can download and install, some of them is definitly for your WLAN connection.

Let us know how you are doing.