I just set up a new PC and have dual monitors using extended desktop. Works really well, but one strange thing is happening that I was hoping someone here might be able to explain.

When I move the cursor from one monitor to the next, the cursor shifts up or down (depending upon whether the cursor is being moved from the left monitor to the right monitor or vice versa) by 3" or so rather than stay at the same (vertical) level. Not a major problem, but a bit annoying.

Any suggestions?

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Do the monitors have the same exact resolution?

I am running dual monitors with extended desktop and I did not notice the same issue on my system.

Do the monitors have the same exact resolution?

One of the first things I checked. Yes, the resolution on both monitors is the same.

As long as the resolution is the same and the monitors are the exact same size it has to be a glich in the software. One thing I could think of is to install updated video drivers.

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