Hi all,

This is my first post, so I thought I should let you all know -
I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to this type of thing so keeping the technical jargon to a minimal would be appreciated! =)

Okay, now to the problem. Recently, I got this message upon starting up - GRUB hard disk error. After reading around on various forums, I managed to fix this, probably by using the recovery console and the fixmbr command; only to lead on to a different type of problem.
Now, the PC only manages to boot up as far as a black screen. It won't get as far as the Windows Xp welcome screen, just this annoying black screen. I have tried using a few things now, fixmbr, fixboot, repairing the OS and chkdsk.

Please help!!!

Have you had linux on this computer?

If you have a linux disc try reinstalling that on a different partition that should detect windows.

I don't think the grub has been removed correctly or at all. By installing linux along side windows you maybe able to select it from the grub boot selection when it is rewritten.

A linux CD should let you view the windows partition aswell.

- Let us know how it goes.

Surprisingly enough, I did have Linux installed on this PC before.
The thing is though, I had been planning to re-format the PC and install a fresh copy of XP on it for a while. When I received the GRUB hard disk error, I thought maybe reformatting and installing XP again would solve the issue. So I did this, in recovery mode that is.
Now, occasionally the PC does boot, but asks me to install Windows XP again. If I do install, again, after setup the PC restarts and then goes back to the black screen.

As I am a bit of a newbie, I was wondering how re-installing Linux would help me. Do you think maybe that Windows XP will run again if I select from the Grub boot selection? Needless to say I will try it though.

Quick update -
I have tried installing Linux again, but to no avail.
I see the Linux install option from the Grub boot selection, when I select it, it shows it loading a kernel. After that's done, the black screen...

I have looked at lots of other forums related to a black screen, but they all seem to mention something about a cursor and a Win Xp logo. Mine is nothing of the sort, just a black screen!!
Oh btw I created one partition on the drive after formatting it in recovery mode. This could possibly be the reason why Linux doesn't seem to recognise my system?

I AM STUMPED. Please help

Okay then, If you are just after running XP boot using the linux or windows CD.

Then format the entire drive delete everything ie partitions.

Then try installing windows.

This is assuming there is nothing on the drive you want to keep. If there is use your linux cd to get the data you want then format the drive.

- let us know how it goes.

Hey Xlphos,

Thanks for the advice. After various experimentation in Recovery mode, I ended up doing what you said. Opened up the PC case, switched around the Hard Drive and formatted the one containing Linux (GRUB error). Did the same for my main Hard drive, and hey presto. Re-installed Windows XP on it, albeit quite a few times and I think I have a PC in managable working order.

Although I can probably mark this as solved, could you advise me on something else?
As this is quite and old PC (approx. 7 years), before this GRUB crisis it was quite prone to freezing randomly. I cleaned a lot of dust out, which seemed to help, but it still occured.
Now, after re-formatting it seems to be running a lot smoother but I just don't want the same thing happening. Any tips and advice? (apart from registry cleaning) :)

It's a little ironic that as soon as I finished the last post, the PC froze again :(

If anyone out there could help me with this problem, I will be reaaaaaally grateful (I mean that!). My PC's freezing problem is the reason I've grown to hate this machine so much.

How does your PC freeze? Does the XP screen lock up and not do anything or does it freeze while doing a POST?

And can you verify that you reinstalled XP to solve this GRUB bootloader issue so you have a fresh install locking up?

Okay, here's the deal lol

I can verify that I have re-installed XP to solve the GRUB issue, so yes this is my fresh install locking up (just like the good old times).

And basically, when my PC freezes, the screen locks up and doesn't do anything at all. I can only turn it off from there. So yeah...

I'm strongly considering to throw this PC out, unless there's a solution.
If that solution is to upgrade some of the components - Memory, Processor, whatever, then I may aswell buy a new PC?
What do you think?

Sounds hardware related. Toss it :)
It could be any number of things. I start swapping out individual components until it starts working but if you don't work in a computer house then that can be expensive. I personally value my time too much to screw around with computers when they have outlived their usefulness so I junk them


Thanks for the advice, I think that's what i'm gonna do.
I have spent countless, pointless hours with this wretched machine so it will be my pleasure to throw it out :)


Thanks for the advice, I think that's what i'm gonna do.
I have spent countless, pointless hours with this wretched machine so it will be my pleasure to throw it out :)

Okay whatever you decide it maybe worthwhile keeping certain components, say the hard drive you can use it as external storage or second hard drive in another comp.

- If you don't want the hard drive format it at least before binin it.