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PROBLEM: switching between USB desktop speakers and USB headphones to listen to online music without closing browser.

I'm running an HP laptop with XP(SP3). Sometimes I use USB desktop speakers and sometimes USB headphones (through a USB hub) to listen to online music. I unplug the headphones from the hub and plug in the desktop speakers and vice-versa.

When I unplug one and plug in the other, I have to close and re-open the browser to continue listening to music. I've tried both IE 8 and Firefox 3.6xx.

NOTE: the headphone jack is dead.

I would like to be able to listen to online music without having to close & re-open the browser when I switch between using desktop speakers & headphones. **As it is now, when I switch between the 2 I'm able to hear the Microsoft sound effects (wav files), just not listen to online music without closing & re-opening browser.

Does anyone know of a free software download that would take care of this?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


why couldn't you have both plugged in and just turn down the speakers when you want to use the headphones

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sorry...tried that. XP/the USB hub seems to get them confused which one to use if they're both plugged in to the USB hub simultaneously.

It would appear that the only way to do this is to reopen the browser after changing it. Just copy and paste the url to the new window. I have the same issue, I even have a shortcut to the sound properties on my desktop.

Hi Brent,

What happens if you just update the web page. I have a USB sound cards and sometimes it's not on and my laptop uses on-board card. It doesn't change automagically to USB card, when I plug it in, but when I refresh the page, my USB card takes control.

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Thanks for the suggestion...refreshing the page doesn't work.

I have no sound after downloading driver up dates. I now get STSYSTRA.EXE Entry point not found. How do I fix this? Windows XP mediam addition is my OS.

If you have a Realtek sound card, try to install drivers in this order: motherboard drivers, MSUAA and last the audio driver.
That is sometimes important with XP and Realtek.

This would be a browser issue, as when you open a browser, it automatically changes to the default sound device. and only closing then reopening the browser will cause it to recheck the default sound device. so when you switch between default sound devices, you would need a way to "refresh" the browser to recheck what the default is. Perhaps Firefox has something like that, I dont believe windows does.

Sorry I missed your problem that you were having, since updating the drivers, You need to go to the control panel, then system, then device manager. look for the yellow ?, right click it and update drivers. it should fix your problem.

Thanks for trying but after I did what you said and got this message "The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software."
Any other thoughts?

Ok, First I need to know exactly what kind of laptop it is. Then I will find exactly what driver you need for it. (this is the bad headphones jack fix) I will give you a link. the laptop should say HP compaq presairo 772 or something to that sort.

If you are having problms with the USB headphones, or USB speakers. and didnt have those problems before, Go back to the device manager, and look for the USB headphones or USB speakers, (whichever you are having problems with.). hightlight the device and select update driver. If that dont work, try roll back driver. If you have problems finding it in the device manager, Just go through all your USB devices, and try to update them all.

Thanks for trying but does not work. I think I have mal-ware stopping a resolution to this problem and my PC- cillion does not cure it. A format C seems likely to be needed. What do you think?
Regards and thanks again for your efforts.
PS: I am running Dell Dimension E520 desk top, windows xp media addition 32 bit.

Ok lets go back to the baiscs here. the problem is that you use a USB headset, and a USB speaker, to listen to sound. And in one browser session you want to be able to switch from one to the other. (this is not a error, its how the browser is written). One person commented on having them both on at the same time, you said that it dont work like that, sometimes on the usb ports if they are to close together they cause interferance, I had a network card that woud interfear with my usb port and caused all kinds of problmes for me. try using differnet combinations of the usb ports to see if you can get them both to work at the same time.

As for getting the sound jacks to work, (which still wont solve the problem above)
I tried to find the driver for the sound card however I do not know what sound card you have. I thought the model of the desktop would help me locate the drivers. The other thing is in the original post it says you have a laptop, now you say its a desktop?

If its a desktop we would need to know if the jacks are on the motherboard, or if its a card that is pluged into the motherboard. If its onboard sound, we would need to know the motherboard model number If you remove the side of the pc, be sure to remove the power cord from the back of the pc before opening the case. Look on the board somewhere its going to have an ID as to what mobo it is, useually larger letters, possibly a sticker. Write down all the numbers and letters. should be something like E210882 or simmilar. once you figure that out go here and see if you can find the sound drivers for that board.

If its a card that plugs into the PCI slots then look at the card it should have numbers on it somewhere, (you may have to remove the card to see the numbers) write down all the numbers you find (even the ones on the black chip). use those numbers to try to determine what sound card it is, from there search for the name of the card and sound card drivers on google.

I know that if its just the first problem listed, above that a reformat or repair will not work to solve the problem, With the sound jacks not working its going to be a 50/50 chance of it working again. You may find yourself in the same boat, as its not known if the sound drivers are included with the repair option.

This is not my problem. I have a "no sound problem" and nothing to do with switching speaker/headphone or Laptops or USB ports.

After downloading a number of drivers 6 days ago, I lost my sound and cannot get it back.I have a Dell Dimension E520, windows XP, media addition,32 bit.

Oh, Ok. U need to find the correct drivers. Then it will work. Try going back to the device manager right clicking on the sound driver and rolling back the driver.

Is the sound card onboard ,( up by the usb ports,) or a card thats removable? below the blue start download there is a link that says click here to download. click it, save it inside a new folder all by itself somewhere your going to remember where it is, (and not get it confused with drivers you already downloaded.) Open it, follow the directions, wait for it to complete. reboot. Its going to fix the sound jack on the motherboard. The USB Headset and Speaker, are different drivers. So plug in something to the green? port. If it dont work try each one. ( a good way to test, is go to ctrl panel and click the sounds icon, then click the sounds tab highlight the astrisk and click the little arrow you will hear a ding. (also above should be the default sound device, make sure its set to your sound device). let me know.

Good site, murpeg. But... they say this : "The only thing that these programs can’t do is switch the audio output while sound is coming out. It will not crash the system, but the audio will remain coming out from the same device. This is because most programs decide which default device will be used on launch. Because of this, most programs will need to be restarted for the selected device to take effect. This is the same for the inbuilt Windows options."
Hope he does not mind my quoting him. It does look like even then a restart of the browser is necessary.
I could check, but Default Audio Device would have to be a registry entry.... in which case it is only going to be read on load, and so there is no way around a restart of the application. My guess. I am not going to check this one out.


am I missing something here?

I have tried so many things to correct this problem that I have come to the conclusion that I have malware preventing a cure. Therefore a format is needed. Since a format would require a lot of restore work, I think that same work would be better put into a new computer, so I have bought one from Dell and should be here shortly. Thank you for all the help. Keep up the good work. I'll probably need your help with it as it is 64 bit.
PS I'd like to format this old/current computer before I donate it to some one and have it at the factory settings. I know to start at control key down while tapping F11 at boot up. Can you direct me to instructions to complete the process of re formating? I am not very skilled so could really need a set of instructions. Dell Dimension E520.
Thanks again!

I certainly am, ntlgnce.... it was your post and site suggestion I was referring to, ntlgnce... [ ]. :)
Be nice if Daniweb would put the page list per post back onto the forum index page. I only read the first page... Sigh... .
BrentA was the OP, murpeg can't get an entry point into STSYSTRA.EXE.
Seems like an issue with that particular file. Reload it.

If it has a partition on it yes its something like that. When your rebooting it will ask you what you want to do. reformat! the rest is step by step instructions.
I would like to continue to work on the problem though. Perhaps reformatting would fix the problem if it has a partition on it. (I am used to working on pc;s without that option,) ya know the kind where you need the CD to be able to fix anything...
go for it, if it works hey having two computers is a good thing. You can learn networking, or use it as a back up if you get a virus and the new one wont go online. the second computer would be very helpfull.. You can use it to learn a lot. or give it to your kids.. Sorry we couldnt help ya.. good luck in the future though.

Thank you!

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