Hi all

Wonder if you can help me?

My computer is freezing when the desktop icons have loaded. It doesnt even get to the start up button (bottom left) loadig up. Its almost as if a piece of software is stopping it going any further.

I have loaded it in safe mode, run disk defragment, disk error checks, all virus, spyware, registry mechanic etc and cleaned it up as much as possible.

This has all happened since i uploaded my Asus M2N32 Sli deluxe extra disk with Asus pc probe, AI gear, asus anti virus utility etc.

I already run ESET anti virus software so wonder if that is now the problem. I can not uninstall the Norton (asus disk) software even in safe mode and as described when in normal mode it crashes. catch 22 you might say.

Any ideas...its driving me mad now. 2 weeks of trying everything i know and at a loss.

Look forward to hearing some solid advice to get this sorted


im going to try and remove norton software by using their online software removal while in safe mode, this should work?