Hello. I have been given the task to look for a product or concept that fits my company's needs. There are a lot of self-service password reset products out there, but the problem is that the users here put off registering for it, and when they come back from a holiday or extended vacation, the help desk is flooded with calls asking for password resets. I have seen the product "myPassword" and know that if it is used with "rDirectory," the users are forced to register before they can use any facet of myPassword.

What we are really looking for is if there is a product or concept out there that would be able to force users to register right away. I don't think there is, and I've been researching for a week now, but finding such a product has been heavily emphasized.

The other option is developing a program that will access a database, have a user use a friend's terminal and verify personal information such as full name or a social security number, and have the password reset from there.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

If it still applies to you, desktop authority password self-service can force users to register for self password reset abilities.

Users can get email notifications, balloons briefly displayed from an icon in the notification area or even forced to register before they can log on to the network.

In addition, this solution provides very intuitive way for password reset by implementing a "Forgot your password ?" button to every user's login screen.

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