Hi friends,

My PC was loaded with Vista Home Premium. The same OS was installed by me on another partition. The second one stopped working after one month for want of activation. My attempts over telephone and on line did not succeed and meanwhile the DVD got damaged too. Then I have purchased Vista Ultimate and installed it on a partition. My system is of Quad core Processor, 4GB memory; 500 GB Hard Disk, partitioned in 8 segments. I would lilke to install Vista Ultimate OS on another partition too. Will it adversely affect my pc? If not please let me know how it can be done and the precautionary measures to be taken by me.

If you set your bios to boot to one of the other partitions, you can install a second operating system that is completely independent of the other one.
That's what I have done except that my second OS is on a different hard drive.
The advantage of doing it that way is that if one OS is killed by a boot sector problem, the other will still work perfectly.

The only real concern I would have is the Windows Genuine Advantage detecting two separate installs when you try to update each of them. I admit I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to Microsoft anti-piracy tactics, but using the same install code for 2 installs, even on the same PC, run the risk of having your key flagged as invalid.

Might not be a problem though, just something that sticks out in my head.