Please help me guys. My Disk have corrupted and chkdsk have failed to repair although it have detected the corruption. It is external HDD and I don't know if there is any tool I can use apart chkdsk. Both partition in the drive are corrupt and they have my very important Data.

I hope to hear from you guys
I have attached the screenshots.
Thanks alot!

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The Theist got that wrong too: Time Travel; Klingons; Ferengi; the Delta Quadrant, etc.!

Anyway, to your problem. What would I do? I think the same as you.

I would use Storage Manager in Admin Tools to look at the partitions;

If Explorer didn't see the files, I'd try DOS and then Chkdsk. At this stage I wouldn't use /R or /F in case the fixes destroyed anything.

Then I'd use a commercial Disk Doctor program under Windows to see what that could repair.

If I couldn't rescue any files from from Disk Doctor or a DOS view, I'd invoke the fix functions of Chkdsk and go round the loop again.

At the end of the loop, I'd be resigned to losing my data.

Keep us posted.


partitions are there but one cannot get opened, and another get opened and you see no files! Very strange, I almost every time invoke chkdsk with /r and /f but guess what, the same problem.


Frankly I wouldn't piss around. If the data is really important, then a small outlay to obtain a commercial recovery tool might help.

You can google "disk doctor data recovery" and you'll see a choice of solutions.


check disk get terminated with unknown error occured.
I will check to see what more I can do, but anything is appreciated


As I said, if the internally provided tools don't unpick the error, then you should consider software designed to solve similar problems - although there is no guarantee.

When I've hit a full stop, I've bought a solution and don't regret the outlay.

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