Yes, I'm bringing a lot of spare baggage with me to this forum...Let's all take a moment and thank Bill Gates, shall we?.....ok, enough of that...
This problem is odd. I'm current on all WU's and SP's, running 2KPro with a gig of DDRam, have a 2 year old AMD Athlon XP2200 chip (clocks at 1800), I'm on cable access, running Trend Micro AV (with that pile of crap ON/OFF only firewall), had Zone Alarm Pro 'til a month ago (and it seems to still be trying to run in the background despite my best efforts to delete or erase every entry I can find that refers to it).
When I first boot up, I go to my home page, msn, like an arrow to the target, but every try after that in the same online session fails. ONly after rebooting can I get IE to connect again. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks for your time...

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Not sure why you are having your problems with IE,a ie repair might help but i dought it .,have you tried firefox to see if it will work for you ,

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