When I am logged in as admin and map a drive to a remote server, and have reconnect a login checked, does this mapping apply to all users on the system or only the admin user. I have had mapped drives work both ways and would like to understand how to control the behavior to eithor apply only to the user who mapped the dirve or to all users. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!


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The settings will be applicable to Admin user only. It will not affect anything to other users of your system.

thewebhostingdi -- Do you use daniweb to post worthless comments for promoting your site? As far as I can tell all you give is bad advice. The OP indicated that he had observed windows mapping the drives both ways and it in fact does. As to how you can map and how that will affect each user i'm unsure.

You should really stop posting all these useless/incorrect tidbits of random text that you do.


Yup, can agree here. Mapping a network drive is on a user-by-user basis. Imagine the security nightmare presented by one user mapping a drive to an account they have legitimate access to, and other users on that machine also piggy-backing of that access privilege.

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