Windows Vista Home Premium, 2GB RAM, BitDefender Internet Security 2009.

I have had my computer on all day doing various things and no problems. Suddenly when I went to my RoboForm and selected the Logins I got the blue screen. I shut down, restarted and everything was fine. I was in my email and again went to RoboForm and selected Logins and got the blue screen again.

Under files that might have something to do with this it said:
C/Users/My Name/AppData/Local/Temp/WER-103163-0.sysdata.xml
C/Users/My Name/AppData/Local/Temp/WER2EEC.tmp.version.txt

On the blue screen itself there were several numbers and the first was 0x0000008E.

Does anyone have any ideas what might have caused this?

Thank you.

Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer and then find an error (should be marked by ! in a red circle).

Look for one that reports that windows shut down to prevent further damage.

If you like you can also type in the start menu search solutions and there should be Windows Reports & Solutions click that and look for a windows shutdown. Try reporting this or finding a solution.

If that turns up nothing then when you double click it it will show you the details and you should see in the bottom left a copy to clipboard link click it and paste it in a reply.

When it comes to that event viewer I am pretty much lost. There was only one entry that stated Windows had an unexplained shutdown but I couldn't see anywhere to paste this info to a clip board.

I went to Problems and Solutions and there was one entry which said: You received this message because a hardware device, its driver, or related software has caused a blue screen error. This type of error means the computer has shut down abruptly to protect itself from potential data corruption or loss. In this case, we were unable to detect the specific device or driver that caused the problem.

I haven't installed any new devices and the only thing that had been installed was Windows updates.

I've had my computer on all day today and so far no problems. The funny thing is that both times this blue screen popped up I had clicked on my RoboForm icon and selected Logins and immediately the blue screen.

I went to Dell and typed in my service code and it showed two items recommended for my computer which were TEAC-Driver and TEAC-Firmware with release dates of Jan. 2008 and have to do with CA200 HH 13-1 Card Reader.

Sounds very much like robo form. Have you tried searching roboform faq's or documentation?

Okay sorry I haven't had Vista for too long (and I doubt I will have it for much longer) so I don't tend to know the paths off of the top of my head :P

Okay: Control Panel -> Classic View (on the left) -> Administrative Tools (second icon) -> Event Viewer This one is a little more complicated. Basicly click on the (oh ray mears survival is on) link tab that says Windows Logs this should reveal another four or five tabs. Your best bet is to scower them and find a System Shut Down error. They should be listed in accurence order or top ones are the last ones to happen.

After you find it then post it here. ;)

There is simply nothing in the Event Viewer. Under the Reliability Monitor it shows two instances on 6/10 that the OS stopped working and one instance that iexplore stopped working. It also shows that all the Windows Updates were successfully installed. Other than this there is what it said under Problems and Solutions.

I haven't had any more problems so guess I will just drop this for now. I will check with RoboForm to see if they have had any other instances of this happening.

I want to thank you for your time and trouble.

No problem. If it happens again just reply to this thread. I am automatically subscribed so I will know when you post back plus it will be bumped to the top of the pile. ;)