You need to make the cd bootable by selecting "make cd bootable" in the menu of your burning software.

using Nero, making bootable CD, and copying also memtest86+-2.11.iso, and Boot folder (mentest), readme. Restarting.

Then it reads CD rom as a: in the directory there is only dos file, but memtest files are in f: (I have c and d parition in HDD). Although its in same CD its reading as A: and F:
F: I am finding the memtest files, but do not know how to run it

One more thing, even when I am working on bootable CD, in dos promt, I am getting blue screen, Physical dump memory error sometimes.

memtest running, but giving errors, on error column, I dont understand it. My Laptop specifications are Intel core 1862 MHZ, L1 cache 64k, L2 cache 1024K, memory - 1270 Mb. thats what showing on memtest.

tests are runing 1 to 8 and then again 1 to 8, showing in error column some 50000 approx figure, I dont know what to do next. I installed a 1 GB ram last week, was working fine since yesterday, then gave Physical dump error. Please advise.

That means your ram is faulty and needs to be replaced.

And whats the cause of that? Any virus attack?

You know what I removed 256 MB ram and put in 1 GB RAM, and ran the memtest again, pass 100% after 8 tests, and error zero.

If your pc is now working fine, you can mark this thread as solved. :)

I was want to thank you for all your help, a million thanks! :o)

No problem at all! That's what we are here for! :)

Hey one more query, what about Avast, it says 56 days evaluation period remaning, how do I extend it when it ends? Di I uninstall and delete from reg and install again? Please advise.

I wasn't aware that Avast had a time limit on it! Did you get it directly from the Avast website?

After some investigation, you need to go HERE to register for free and to get a free code provided you have Avast Home Edition.

You website says these, its better I get it licensed after 60 days, what do you think?

Register your free product
Register your avast! Home Edition for 1-year license

1.avast! Home Edition works for 60 days after installation in trial mode
2.After 60 days you need to register to get your free license key and stay protected
3.Your free license key is sent within 24 hours by e-mail after registration
4. If the license does not come in 24 hours please check your junk or SPAM folder
5. You need to enter the license key in the program to continue to use it after the 60-day trial period

Do what it says and you will be fine!