Dell Inspiron 6400 starts to load Windows XP for a few seconds then goes to blue screen unmountable_boot_volume. Cannot even enter Safe Mode. Any Suggestions?

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You may need to restore your Master Boot Record whcih has got corrupted. It could be deeper damage on your HDD but that's the atart point.

Did you search the forum for info as this has happened to others and the solutions won't be very doifferent from what I've suggest plus perhaps some variations.

Power glitches can do anything to a hard disk drivw

After I restore my MBR will I still be able to recover old info on drive?

FIXMBR will not destroy your data.

If you can't boot into safe mode, you probably can't boot into Command either. You'd need to boot from the XP CD that Dell provide and go into repair mode to do the fixes. Try to do a Windows repair before yoy do a FIXMBR.

Working now. Thank You for your help.

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