I have a Sierra 595U USB modem connected to my laptop. Internet access is working fine. I set up an ADHOC Wifi link from another laptop. I now want the other laptop(client) to access Internet thru the USB modem that is connected to the host laptop.

I set up ICS and got FTP to work fine but IE7 just gives the common "website not found/cannot connect" message.

I tried the microsoft forum. They are out of steam. I tried Telecom network experts, no go, so I hope you guys can kick some ass. To see what microsoft said you are welcome to visit http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/e...d-c56105703f5f

This way we won't need to reinvent the wheel.

What some guy said to me is that the modem needs to be NAT enabled. I don't know if it is. He recons that it may work if I use a USB Network Hub. It will be my next option unless I can get some more answers here. I look forward to try any ideas.
Ps. Keep in mind that this is a wireless mobile broadband (3G) modem. Apparently it must have the ability to handle 2 IP's for each laptop to be able to talk to it simultaneously. I don't know if it can. Still waiting for answers from Telecom on that.

Anyone out there looking for a challenge?
Kind regards,

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All the drama due to my PCCillin firewall settings. Thanks to CableForum it is all sorted. Thanks for your response anyway.
It is much appreciated.

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