I have a 250 gb hdd which had two partitions, a primary partition containing 50 gb of space where my OS (win Xp-sp2) installed and an extended partitions containing two three logical drives. When the hdd was partitioned, the name of the drives were C, E, F, G respectively. And the D was used as the cd/dvd rom drive.

But for some reason I need to repartition it. I tried to repartition it using fdisk tool. But when I want to see the partition information, I found that no logical drive information is being displayed. And when I tried to delete the extended dos partition, it says logical drive exists and when I tries to view/delete the logical drives, it says no logical drive exists. And unfortunately at this time, I formatted C drive which was containing the operating system. Hence , I can't boot from my hdd.

Now I tried to reinstall xp in C: drive but my pc failed to read from the CD and exits with errors. I am not getting any clue how to solve it.

Any suggestion is welcome.
Thanks in advance...

If the CD isn't too scretched, maybe a different optical drive would manage to read the CD.

Also try running the Windows setup with HD disabled in BIOS (don't ask...).

There are a number of partitioning programs free (try google) and then you can boot from those partition programs once you have got a friend to put them onto a bootable CD.
from there you can re partition etc;

try a live linux cd, ubuntu i suggest, you can repartition your hdd with more options than any windows setup disc :P

Another one with linux suggestions in windows forum... go away before you get scorched.