OK I have an unmountable boot volume problem. I have downloaded the floppy disks for xp professional. Now the directions i got were to press r when the setup screen comes up but when exaclty is that? I start the computer up and run it on the first start up disk then a blue screen comes up that says windows setup. Now if i press r at this time nothing happens it just asks me to put the next floppy in. Now i have gone through the whole process of putting all the flopyies in and when it is finally done the blue screen still comes up that says there has been an error. The only difference is that the unmountable boot voulme is just not there. SO does this mean that there is another problem with my computer or am i just doing this wrong. I got the xp download from some tech 4 us website or something like that.

why are you using floppies? they are a pain in the ass... what exactly does the error say?

After I use all of the floppy disks the same blue screen comes up except where is says Unmountable_Boot_Volume its not there anymore. The stop code is 0X0000007E (0XC000000, 0x809661FF, 0XF96b4700, 0XF96b4400).
but i looked at another post whic was for xp home edition and it says to press r when the welcome setup screen comes up. My welcome setup screen comes up but it goes straight into the automatic setup it doesn't pause to ask if i want to restor or repair. Then again i have xp professional.

yea, the xp pro cd does ask for you to press "R" right before it gets ready for installation. Although, I am not sure what the floppies do. The "Unmountable_Boot_Volume" error is not good.. either your hd is damaged or the cables are not properly connected. What hd are you using?