Hello!I have a very strange issue on my other computer.My computer starts itself.When I press the Shut Down button the PC shuts down and starts again (Like restart). I have Windows 7 and the shut down button is set to "shut down". The PC isn't connected to the internet.
I have ASUS p5b prenuim and i don't have AI Remote installed. The only way to turn it off is to shut down windows and quickly unplug the PC from the power.

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Also check that your system BIOS is not set to automatically start the system

HOW? I know how to get in the bios (I overclocked my CPU) , but I don't know were that option is.


Yep! There were some options like "Power On after Power Loose"
There was an option "Power on when USB_34 connected (or something like that) ,I diabled it and now the PC shuts down.

Thank you!!!

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