Hey guys, please help me!!

I have always had a problem booting up my computer, randomly I would get BSOD which made my computer restart, but after a few restarts the computer would loads normally. Today, I decided I was sick of it after it occurring 8 times in one session, so I decided I was going to repair the computer. Stupidly, I forgot to backup my important work documents and proceeded to repair my computer using the repair tool (not recovery console). After deleting the operating system only, the process required me to restart. After restarting I repeatedly recieved the same BSOD I saw at random intevals previously. I took a picture of it:


This message has appeared after atleast 20 restarts and I am starting to panic. I need the documents on my computer!! Safe Mode does not work as it assumes I am trying to continue the Windows XP install on it. Please help me! I'm really starting to worry now! Will I lose my documents?

All the best,

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youve probably already lost them

If you only did a repair there may be a chance. That problem often is derived from a hardware malfunction. Power off, and replug every connection in there - IDE cables, videoa cards, network, and RAM. No go? and you've got multiple RAM sticks? Pull one, try, swap, try. Course, everyone cleans the thing while the case sides are open....
No go still? Ooooooo....
K, pull the HD and put into another pc as slave. Get your stuff off it if it will let you.

conserning BSOD, it's most common to RAM problem, try to insert the RAM stick to another slot, also clean up your computer from dust.

try memtest86

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