Hi All,

I recently installed some windows updates on my machine, and as soon as I restarted my PC this error msg appears after the BIOS has finished intialising everything:

Obviously it is not recognising my C: drive, where Windwos Vista is at the moment, I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem or issues after an update?

These are the updates that were installed on that particular day as soon as it started happening:

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Is there a way I can somehow go around this to try and enter vista to at least access some files? I've tried running the windows recovery cd but to no avail... could it be because it is a SATA drive?

Thanks in advance for any feedback :-O

I've successfully installed these updates. I doubt that your MBR could be corrupted by a Windows update. I suspect that something else has happened, like a mains glitch furing shit down or something like that.

The Windows recovery disk should enable you to FIXMBR because it doesn't need the boot record from the hard disk.

Thanks for the feedback Suspishio :)

I'm not sure why, but as the machine loads up it assings my backup drive as C: drive and the drive where Vista is on as D:.
Weird :-/

Anyway, this is wat I did to overcome this problem for anyone else that comes across this issue.

Simply disconnect your other drive/s and make your CD/DVD-ROM as your first boot device. (Magically as soon as I did this and restarted, the machine recognised the drive but still wouldn't load into Vista) this is where you might have been correct Suspishio that the MBR was damaged.

Make sure Windows Recovery CD is in the drive, load it up, set your settings, Language etc...

Click on 'Repair Your Computer' > click next on the window that loads > Choose 'System Recovery Options' > 'Start Up Repair' > and let it do it's thing.

Anyway once/if Windows loads up make sure you check our anti-viral software is switched on... I found that mine was switched off.

Hope this helps anyone in a similar situation :icon_exclaim:

Well done. You do need tho think about why it happened. Did a virus sneak in and overwite the MBR or something like that? Was there a mains glitch or anything unusual when you last powered off?

And have you got a decent anti-virus system in the first place?