I need help. Since I installed Norton Antivirus/Internet Security 2004 my printer takes forever, and many other functions take so long or stall. What do I do to keep security that is necessary to protect my computer, but still have a computer that runs its other functions effectively?

Norton AntiVirus is a great piece of software. However, I've had a LOT of problems with other programs included with Norton Internet Security - most importantly with Norton Personal Firewall.

Gals, remember: putting more security on your comp means more restrictions and less speed. when your application passes data to print, Norton literally checks EVERYTHING.

It should if it's a piece of good software, eh?

SO: if you seldom use floppy or mobile data source, esp. those you don't know where they are from, or you know but you are still suspicious, you may turn off the background system check or you set it up according to your schdeule say everyday at midnight unless you like to burn your midnight oil.

if you use net a lot, turn on the internet safeguard while surfing. remember: it's safe to open or even download multimedia files such as mp3s and video clips. But do youself a favor please don't download any executable files if you visit porn sites or any sites you don't trust or anyway, you get the picture. You can even download executables, but before you double click on any of them, have it checked.

Honestly, I don't trust any antivirus software either. They can cause so much trouble that sometimes they behave no difference from viruses. On my computer, most time I turn it off. My computer is connected to the internet and my own LAN all the time and I don't even enable the firewall. But I am VERY cautious about downloading anything and using unsafe data sources. As a result, it's been well more than a year since last time I did the system check and found something unpleasant. Be smart though, make sure you patch your OS properly.

One last word: if you are hosting webpages...it will be a wholy different story for anti-hacking. if you are not going to do that anytime soon,
haha...your set. Good luck...

I disagree. I think that an antivirus solution is a must. In addition, if you have an always-on connection such as a cable modem, use a firewall. It doesn't have to be a fancy firewall - just use something. i.e. the windows xp built-in firewall, a hub/switch, etc. Or Tiny Firewall or one of those lightweight simple to use programs. Stay away from Norton personal firewall .... it's bulky and overdoes it way toooooo much ... plus it gets corrupt very easily