I try to ask a Question.??????????????
I run Windows 98 only becuase my PC is PAP but that not I want to know.
I would like to know what is the main use of thr Regstry Editer for windows or any Pc which has it on.
Why is Registry Editer on Computers?
Want is it good for?
Is it save to use?
When is it the best time to use the registry editer?
Uninstall somethings from Registry would this make space on harddrive?

I know it sounds daft asking these Questions but If it is worth learning about Becuase after I uninstall programs could this be used to make more space..... :idea:

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Why is Registry Editer on Computers?
well its a software that can view Registry stored in your computer.
Want is it good for?
Usually it is good for tweaking you system manually.
Is it safe to use?
not really, if your not familiar with it. If you wanna learn more about it goto http://www.winguides.com/registry/
About the hard drive space. I dought it..


The registry is the hart and sole of your computer ,it stores all information regarding all programs install on your computer and tells windows what to do with each program .
Deleting any thing from the registry cand stop computer from booting or programs from working and no you would not save much space by deleting things in there my registry file is less the 1meg.,,,best to stay OUT!:)

thanks for your help

caperjack i have deleted quite a lot in my registry by accident when i was trying to get rid of the system32 virus and now my computer only gets to the windows logo which is now discoloured. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE i deleted that (as much as it could) Help please i'm getting desperate

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