I ahve been using hotmail for about 5 years...now I have a problem....Just tonight, I went to check my email by going to the inbox...I am showing several unread emails, but the "from" part of the email is not shown, and I cannot open the emails! The subject is shown, as well as the date and size of the document, but no "sender" in the "from" section, and wil not let me open. When I went to my other folders...same thing....I can see the messages, but cannot open, and cannot see who they were from.

thanks in advance,
Bill Stauffer

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I am using Explorer...I have windows XP. The problem is horrible at this time! I am selling items on ebay, and I am getting all of these email questions that I can read the "subject" of, but cannot open the messages or see who they are from! I have looked through the options section of hotmail, but can't recall anything that locks the senders names or the messages from being opened. It almost appears as if there is a kind of "security" feature that got turned on and locked all of my messages from being read or replied to. Like I said, I cannot even go to any of my old folders and open them.

Desparate! Thank you for your fast reply....I will be up for a while, so if you are, please reply and I will get back to you soon.

thank you,
Bill Stauffer


Also, please reply to kristenstauffer@hotmail.com if you need to....remember, I have no email :rolleyes: For example, I have 2 email messages in my hotmail account that say "mailprob" in the subject heading, but I cannot open them and I cannot see who they are from :evil:

It's discouraging! Thanks again,



IE and Windows XP? You posted in the Mac forum. I'm moving this thread to the Windows IE forum :)

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