I recently wrote a blog stating that I was trying to go back to 7. I went to bed and got some geek sleep and then woke up and did the impossible! I have written out the steps below how to get back to Internet Explorer 7 by tricking Microsoft.

Make sure you have another browser before you remove Internet Explorer. Go to Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs> click on remove Internet explorer 8> It will then say that if you remove Internet Explorer 8 some programs may not work just hit okay. Now it will start to remove Internet Explorer 8 half way through you will manually have to tell it to delete file after file when it pops up on the screen. Now that it is successfully removed Restart your computer.

Okay now you have no Internet Explorer at all now it is time to download Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade to 7. I know that your probably wondering how the heck I found Internet Explorer 6. Google still has a download of it but it says it is 7 on their download page.

Successfully download 6 then go and download Internet Explorer 7 still available from Microsoft. You do not need to remove 6 Internet Explorer 7 will install with no problems. Restart your computer and then go to Internet Explorer. It will be a bit different then you remember it is kind of a updated version of 7 . You have the new quick tab button but that's about the extent of it. I made sure it was Internet Explorer 7 by going to help and about.

I would like to put a small note that you may want to have the disc's of programs you installed while using Internet Explorer 8 in case there are any problems.

You can always outsmart a computer it just takes a bit of experimenting.

Funny...I simply removed IE8 from the Add/Remove Programs feature and let it uninstall normally. Restarted and afterwards, I still had the IE icon in my QuickStart. Clicked it, IE7 opened up, works fine.

Did I do something wrong?


I also had the IE icon after deleting IE8 but I did not have the luck of having 7. Microsoft announced that once you go to 8 there is no turning back so I wanted to state otherwise.

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