I am in need of some help quickly in the recovery of the filing cabinet files for AOL. During uninstallation of 8.0 (which would be upgraded to 9.0) it should have created a folder on the desktop, but it did not. I took much care to ensure this would not happen, but it has. Is there any way to recover these files without a forensics tool, or would this be required?

Is this an windows related question ?? If not then you should be asking in the windows software forum ... Tell me n I'll move this thread there.

Did you do a quick search to see if the PFC files were somewhere else?

No, it is not explicitly for Windows, but I did not know where else to put it. I appoligize for any inconvienience this may/will cause you.

As for Corey's comment, I did run a search for them, and it came with some results, but the files are severely dated, coming from almost 3 years ago.

I'm moving it to windows software forum ... this way it'll remain listed in both the forums and you can get better response.

Have you also just tried to call AOL's tech support to see if they might be able to help you. This might be (probably) a common thing with them. I know when I was always upgrading, I always copied the PFC files just in case